Serving Sullivan County from Milan, Missouri
operating frequency: 147.180MHz FM with +600KHz offset
mailing address: 24677 Elm Drive, Milan, MO 63556-2999

1. I, Samuel J. Cook, am the holder of FCC license ACØOK, and, under that license, own and operate a 2meter amateur radio repeater located approximately 2 miles south-east of Milan, Missouri. It is further identified by callsign ACØOK/R.

2. This repeater is not affiliated with any other entity. Operation and service of this repeater is at-will and solely my responsibility and subject to modification and/or discontinuance at any time with or without notice.

3. I have been assigned a frequency pair of 147.180MHz and 147.780MHz by the Missouri Repeater Council.

4. I am totally responsible for the operation of this station, and, as required by FCC rules, I will maintain full legal operating parameters and procedures on this repeater.

5. Amateur Radio operators who utilize the ACØOK repeater are CUSTOMERS or CLIENTS, and can not presume any form of ownership or governance over the repeater.

6. All users of this repeater will conform to all applicable FCC rules or be subject to being locked out of the system and/or reported to the FCC.

97.205 Repeater station.
(e) ..... Limiting the use of a repeater to only certain user stations is permissible.

7. I do not charge for system usage, but always welcome donations to help with expenses.

8. [Reserved for future expansion.]